Welcome Joris Bacquet

We are very happy to welcome Joris .
Joris is a player. He plays with the image, wrings it and twists it. It’s part of his graphic approach, imbued with pop & street culture.

As a son of the digital culture, his imaginative work is a great asset for the brands who want to talk to the millennial generation in a fresh way. Just to name a few, his HTC film is filled with energy and lightness, MTS is a delightful UFO of some sort and RED a singular, rising & sleek piece.

While movement & dynamism are the backbone of his universe, Joris’ edgy art direction, always daring, give his work unrivalled style.

Brands such as Dior and Azzaro already teamed up with Joris for his unique way to mix mastered elegance and energizing vibe. Who’s next?

Sep 18, 2018